An Easy Way to Learn How to Build & Maintain Your Database for Realtors® and Mortgage Loan Originators

Created exclusively for real estate agents and mortgage loan officers, is the most cost-effective training you will ever find - from how to choose a database system - to marketing ideas - to analyzing the profitability of each client.

  • 30 Audio Lessons
  • Written transcripts of each audio
  • Sales & Marketing Materials - with most lessons

Why Most database building lessons are so generic that they are virtually worthless for the needs of real estate agents and mortgage loan officers. I've been in your shoes and know exactly what it takes to create customers for life and increase your profitability per client. Let me show you how today!

Cindy Douglas
Lesson Summary
  • How to Choose the Database That's Right For You (4 Lessons)
  • How to Turn Data Into Knowledge (4 Lessons)
  • How to Create a Database With The End In Mind (4 Lessons)
  • How to Master the Art of Pro-Active Marketing ( 3 Lessons)
  • How to Turn Data Into Repeat Business (6 Lessons)
  • How to Build a Referral-Based Database (3 Lessons)
  • How to Create Personalized Marketing Strategies (3 Lessons)
  • How to Analyze the Profitability of Each Customer (3 Lessons)
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Option #1 - Online Access to Lessons

1. Lifetime Online Access to all 30 lessons.
2. Download Written Transcripts
3. Download all Marketing Materials
4. MP3 Download of Each Lesson
5. 30 Minutes — Coaching by Cindy

ONLY $99.00

Option #2 - Online Access & Binder

1. Lifetime Online Access to all 30 lessons.
2. Copies of all written transcripts
3. Printed copy of all Marketing Materials
4. Audio CDs(4) containing all lessons
5. 1 Hour — Coaching by Cindy

ONLY $199.00

"Hi Cindy, Your database knowledge and advice is invaluable and was EXACTLY what I needed to help me sort through the many, many, many files I have. I appreciate all of your assistance and it truly has given me LOTS of clarity and I no longer feel overwhelmed - KUDOS for THE DATABASE DIVA! Take care and make it a great day!"
  ~ Shanda Porter, Loan Originator, Florida

Cindy Douglas reminded me that the very core of my business is my database - And I vowed to not be intimidated anymore but to take her advice and her guidance and chunk it down and just do it.   ~ Cindi Gardner, Opes Advisors

We have over 250 agents at our office and I just want you to know that I have received great feedback as to how your systems will be able to help them with prospecting and overall production. Your lessons were informative... Thanks for making your info extremely informative — yet not overwhelming.   ~ Wanda Peyton, Keller Williams Productivity Coach

You have a unique gift of being able to take complex subjects and break them down into manageable bite-size pieces. What I really liked was that there was no fluff—but all sound business practices. Thanks Cindy.   ~ Julie Miller, Prospect Mortgage

Cindy taught me how to understand who my customer really is, what they want and how to interact with them in the future. She is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met on the subject of 1:1 marketing for real estate agents and loan officers—and best of all, her lessons are in plain English.   ~ Kate Wilson, Fairway Independent Mortgage

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